How to use mobile camera as webcam

Do you have a windows pc or laptop and you are in an important meeting. Suddenly you see your webcam stops working. And You need them immediately. So I have a solution for you. After this solution you can use your mobile camera as webcam.

For this Solution, you need to have an Android phone and an app on your phone. App name Droid Cam and you need to have a client of droid cam on your window pc.

Follow the steps to use your mobile camera as webcam:

Step 1.

Download Droid cam in your phone and download client for your pc:

App Link for android : Click to download Droid Cam

Droid cam Client Link for Pc : Click to download client

Step 2.

Connect your phone and laptop or pc with same Wi-fi connection

Step 3.

Droid Cam Connection

Open Droid Cam app on your phone then open Droid Cam Client on your pc or laptop and put Wi-fi IP and Droid Cam Port on Droid Cam Client Same as shown in your phone and then click on start button. You are ready to use your phone as webcam on your pc or laptop.

Another ways to connect Droid Cam

If you don’t have Wi-fi in your home. I have a easy way to connect droid cam with pc.

1. Open Your phone settings and go to your About phone and click 7- 8 times on phone version or MiUi version and then go to additional settings you have a new option name Developer option. Click on Developer option and just enable USB Debugging Mode and then connect your phone with data cable to your pc or laptop and your are ready to use.

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