Total solution to play PUBG and any other high end game smooth in Android

1.Display sensitivity solution

To Get high sensitivity first you need to go on your setting app on your phone and then go to additional setting and then go to language and input and then go to Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad and then click on pointer speed and apply pointer speed to 100.

and secondly you need to download an app name Touch Screen Repair and repair your screen issues with this app

App Link :

2. Frame Rate and High Graphics Solution

To Get higher Framerate on any low end device first you need to go into your setting and then go to about phone and then click 7 times to OS Version means. If you have Mi Phone you click on MIUI version 7 times to get developer option and then go to additional settings scroll down and click on developer option and then scroll down and Enable the force 4x MSAA option.

After this settings you need to download GFX tool from Google play.

App Link:

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