Google Chrome Hacks

Google Chrome hacks

While Google Chrome’s abilities multiply greatly when you consider the near bottomless library of extensions, there’s a bounty of stock functionality embedded throughout Chrome’s guts you may not even know about.

Hack 1

When you go incognito, your browser doesn’t keep track of browsing history, nor will it store any cookies. It’s a very good option to have when browsing for things that you might not want the world to know about. It’s also useful when you log onto one of your personal accounts on any device that’s not your own. Browsing on incognito mode guarantees being logged out of all your accounts as soon as you close the window which is great for instances where you forget to log out. We should note that incognito mode will not block your behavior from being monitored by work or by the website you visit. They can still log your IP address.

Hack 2

Most people are familiar with the ability to drag and drop Chrome tabs into their own browser windows, or mix and match them between browser windows. But they may not know that it can be done with more than one tab at a time. Just hold down the Control key and click on all the tabs you wish to move and you can move them as one. If you’re on a Mac, hold the Command key.

Hack 3

Have you ever mistakenly closed a tab? Which, by the way, you can do by holding down Control+W, or Command +W on Mac. We all have, but thankfully home is a forgiving browser and makes it possible to get it all back. Just right-click on another open tab and select “Reopen closed tab” or press Control + Shift+T, or Command + Shift+T on a Mac, and Chrome will reopen any recently closed tabs. You can keep hitting it for more closed tabs, working your way back through your browsing history. If you closed an entire window with all your precious pinned tabs, open or click on a new Chrome window and select “Reopen Closed Window.

Hack 4

If you ever need to read something quick on another tab, hold down the Control key, or Command on Macs, and any number between 1 and 9. Each number is associate with a different tab starting with 1 all the way to the left and moving incrementally through nine tabs as you move to the right. If you have more than nine tabs open, holding down Control and 9will jump to the last tab all the way to the right.

Hack 5

You can right-click highlighted words to search on desktop computers, but there’s a handy equivalent for the Android mobile version. Just highlight any word or phrase via a long tap and Chrome will create a search for that term via a pull-up menu. Just slide up once you see the prompt at the bottom of your screen.

Hack 6

If you come across a website you will want continual and easy access to, you can quickly add it into your bookmarks bar by highlighting the URL and dragging directly down to the bar. Boom. You can drag a URL in from sources other than Chrome as well.

Hack 7

There’s a good chance that you end up going to the same websites every time you use Google Chrome. Conveniently, you can set up Chrome to open these same websites every time you startup. In the settings menu, go to the section “On startup” and click on the option to “Open a specific page or set of pages.” You will have the option to add a new page or you can choose the tabs you currently have open in your browser. Another similar way to do this is to right-click on the tab and choose “Pin Tab.”

Hack 8

Google is diving face-first into its Chromecast /Google cast ecosystem and nowcasting is baked into the latest builds of Chrome. The most direct way to do this is to right-click anywhere in Google Chrome to prompt a pop-up cast window. Alternatively, click the menu button in the top right and choose “Cast.” If you click the top left side of this new pop-up menu, you can choose to cast that individual tab, your entire desktop, or file on your computer.

Hack 9

You can search through many websites without actually going to those sites first. For example, if you wanted to go directly to the Wikipedia article on orangutans without visiting Google or Wikipedia’s front pages first, type in the Omnibox or address bar, and on the far right, you’ll see a prompt telling you to press the tab to search within the site. Once you press the tab you’ll see “Search Wikipedia” written in blue on the left side of the address bar. Type your query and Chrome will only search within Wikipedia. Hit return, or enter, and you’ll be taking on the internet’s collected knowledge about our fuzzy orange friends. This function isn’t specific to just reference or search sites. You can use Omnibox to search directly through nearly any site, even You’d only use this feature if the website you’re searching for is included in your managed list of search engines. To check, simply go to Settings, look for “Search engine” and click on “Manage search engines.” There you’ll see all the other sites already available for quick searches as well as the option to add other websites to the list. Manually adding a website can be confusing so instead simply visit the website and use its search bar. Now when you go back to your settings, you’ll see your newly added website ready to take advantage of the Omnibox. The string of characters you type in before pressing the tab is called the keyword, and the default keyword is usually just the main address of the site. You can customize this by clicking on the three-dot button, “Edit,” then type in your new keyword.

Hack 10

By default, searching in the Omnibox for “Japanese food” and hitting return opens a search in your current tab. However, sometimes you wanna look up information, but don’t wanna lose the site you’re on. Fortunately, there is a key command workaround. Hold down the Alt button and hit return on your search and this will open in a new tab. Mac users press the Command button instead.

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