Best Photo Editing Softwares

In social media life if you have a clear and best edit photo that engage your viewer so your social media account reach more followers or your brand get more followers or like.

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In this article i show you best photo editing software for both pc and android and these software:-

Photo editing

For Android:


2. Lightroom

3. Snapseed

For Pc:

1: Adobe Photoshop

Adobe photoshop is professional tool for editing photos .this software is also use in our film industries to make movie poster or etc.

But as you all know this software is paid it is not free to all .But as you all know some peoples download crack softwares .Don’t do this thing.

Because i have an solution for all of you. You just go to your browser and type -Photopea is alternate tool of photoshop and its free for Everyone.


Lightroom is also a paid tool for pc user but if you dont want to pay for this you can download in your android phone and use it free.

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