5 Best Computer related Courses with high salary After 10th or 12th- 2020

If you are confused to choose between many courses available near you. but worry about to Future of those courses and salary. I tell you the best courses you can do after completed your 10th CBSE and 12th also.

Web Development

In web development course you learn about. How to design a beautiful website for any kind of business like an e-commerce website, Blogging website, Education website, and websites like amazon, UrbanClap or etc.

After learning the website designing and development course you can apply anywhere for the job or you can freelancing and also you can open your company to designing a website for customers and other brands.

You can learn this course with two methods. First, you need to learn coding languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc, and second, you have a tool name is WordPress you can design any type of website without any knowledge of coding with just drag and drop features and just apply some themes and plugins that’s it.

Android Development

To Learn Android development first you need to know some coding languages like C Language, Core java, Flutter, and Kotlin. If you have some knowledge of java you can start your Android development course. if you don’t know those languages first learn java and other languages and start your Android development course.

After learning the Android development you can apply anywhere for the job or you can freelancing and also you can open your company to Develop android apps or create and design apps for customers and other brands.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the best courier option for you after the 10th and 12th. Digital marketing is also a future. After Learning digital marketing you can make your brand and promote your brand by ownself.

Also you can do jobs in Digital marketing companies and freelancing as a digital marketer for other brands.

Important Topics in Digital Marketing:-


-Affiliate Marketing

-SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

-Google Ads and Facebook ads

Vfx & Animation

In VFX & ANIMATION course you learn how to design cartoon characters and Move that character to make an animated movie and Also you can make VFX movies like Indian movies Bahubali, Raone and hollywood movies like spiderman,avengers etc.

After complete the VFX and animation course, you have a chance to work in big film industries as a VFX artist. Also, you can be freelancing with your VFX and animation skills.

Video Editing and Graphic Designing
Video editing

Video Editing is a very important skill that you must know because if you want to become a Youtuber you know how to edit videos and also you know how to make thumbnails for your videos to have graphic designing skills.

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